http://aqsgroup.co.uk// Dear little ‘Poppy’ is thought to be approx 8 years old.

Tbêng Méanchey She was born and lived her life on a farm, but also partly adopted a neighbour who lived close by with one of the other cats.

undenominational She obviously was regularly pregnant, so would have had many litters of kittens in the past, in fact she had kittens earlier in the year. She is now spayed needless to say, and it wasnt a moment to soon bless her.


When she came to us she was very, very timid but she has done SO well that we now feel she can go to a domestic home with all the comforts to go with it.

‘Poppy’ needs a quiet home, so sadly won’t settle with young children. She may settle with a placid, cat friendly cat as she has always been amongst other cats on the farm.

‘Poppy’ has tested negative for feline leukeamia and FIV (Feline AIDS), has been spayed/microchipped and will start hef vaccinations imminently.

If you feel you would like to meet this little girl you are welcome to call us anytime on 521778 – if I miss your call please do leave a message.

*  We do only rehome on the Isle of Wight  *