buy Seroquel pills in toronto This is from ‘Frank’s’ original owner ♥️

racially PLEASE can you help us to find ‘Frank’ a SUPER HOME FOR LIFE – as you will read below he needs to be the only pet with no young children, and in a safe area. This poor little man has suffered enough right back to being DISCARDED and left to die as a tiny, tiny kitten – let’s find him an AMAZING home, I am sure we can with your help ……..

can i buy Pregabalin in spain ‘Frank’ is a beautiful 4.5 year old cat who loves attention. He loves head bops and tummy rubs. ‘Frank’ was rescued from the tip, where he was found in a plastic bag at 4 weeks old. He was a confident boy with no fear factor. Unfortunately, 2 years ago, this gorgeous boy was involved in a terrible car accident. He had severe back end injuries and as a result had one back leg amputated and the other back leg fixed with metal plates and rods. After treatment and recovery, ‘Frank’ became withdrawn and afraid in his home. ‘Frank’ found a quieter home just down the street, in which he settled quickly. However, over the last couple of months, ‘Frank’ has become dominant with the cats who were already in the home and it is pushing them out.

‘Frank’ is looking for a quiet home with no other pets or children. He will make someone an incredible companion and friend.

Please call us on 521778 anytime if you feel you can give this LOVELY boy a super new home.

We like you to spend quality time with our rescue cats so you can see their true characters.


*  We do only home in the Isle of Wight  *