Please Help Jeremy

Jeremy 1

where to buy neurontin Jeremy is only four and a half years old. The Carisbrook Vets X-rayed his hips and he has hip dysplasia. They also found his knees were unstable and dislocating and ‘Jeremy’ was referred by Kate at The Carisbrooke Vets to Ian at Island VetCare.

buy modafinil uk reddit Ian has seen ‘Jeremy’ at Island VetCare this morning 9/4 and needless to say he fell in love with him instantly xx

cheap alternative to cenforce Ian isnt concerned about ‘Jeremy’s hips at this stage – he may need surgery in the future but certainly not at present. There is a chance that surgery may not be needed on his hips but that would have to be accessed as the years progress.

‘Jeremy’s’ knees however are dislocating and the left knee isnt engaging properly, the right knee pops in and out. SO this little man is booked in for 3 weeks time for the surgery on both knees. If Ian feels, at the time, that he can carry out bilateral surgery he will fix both knees under the same anaesthetic, if there is any doubt the second knee will be delayed for about a month. He feels confident at the moment though that he can carry out both operations at the same time.

‘Jeremy’ will be on cage rest with me for a few weeks with some controlled physio to help the joints.

I would like to Thank The Carisbrooke Vets for referring ‘Jeremy’ to Ian at Island VetCare and for you all working so swiftly to see ‘Jeremy’ for us.

This little man will have a difficult few days post surgery but I have every confidence in Ian and know we will be well supported throughout 😻

 The cost of having the corrective surgery on both knees will be £4,500!

Yes, this is going to cost us as a Charity a lot of money and will be our highest Vet Bill EVER but we will not give up on this gorgeous boy who could have another 10 – 15 years of life!


Jeremy 2


We will keep you updated throughout and pass on any information we receive.

We will be SO, SO grateful for ANY financial help you can give us to help to meet the immense cost of this treatment.

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Thank You So, So much!

Nikki Hazelgrove xxx