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It is with great regret that for the time being we are only able to respond to emergencies.

We are inundated with many, many cats in our care waiting for loving, safe, genuine new homes. Some are still recovering from injury and neglect but we have many who are waiting to start their new lives with people who REALLY CARE.

The past 2 years has been constant day and night, the neglect we are seeing is heartbreaking – the images too upsetting to share with you 😿 The injured and sick now slowly recovering.

We are still able to help low income families with neutering/spaying and we are only a phone call away – 521778

If you have room in your home and your heart and are looking for a new feline friend you are welcome to call us on 521778 – anytime. Please go to our ‘Adopt A Cat’ Page. We like you to spend quality time with our cats when you are planning to adopt so you are able to see their true character and know whether they will suit you. We also carry out pre home visits, this is all part of our homing procedure and benefits both you and the cat you are hoping to adopt from us.

We really hope we are back to normal very soon, but the pressures of the past 2 years has taken its toll so we need to step back while we recup our strength so we can carry on as before ♥️




Welcome to Feline Welfare

We are a small but dedicated Rescue Centre and Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight.

Please browse our site where you will find information on what we do, how to adopt a cat, how to care for a cat, what to do if your cat goes missing, and a whole lot more!


http://ncercc.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://ncercc.co.uk/policy/others/ COVID-19

does neurontin help a meth comedown We are safely continuing our work during the pandemic and will continue to provide care for all cats and kittens in our care including local and national lockdowns.  We would politely ask that you please follow all Government rules on safety and social distancing. Thank you.

Work in progress PC

Currently, we are working on some of the content of this website so please bear with us if not all the information is present at the moment, it will be completed over the next few weeks, (as there are a lot of cats and kittens that need our help too!)