Friday, December 8, 2023
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‘Biscuit’ has been seen by Island VetCare today for X-rays on her deformed left back leg and her hip joints. I was concerned that her deformity may be affecting her hips… It is! 😿 The leg, as you will see in the videos, is completely abnormal and her hip joint is nowhere near the socket. Although she gets around on carpet, that limb slides on hard floors. Because that limb is going to cause problems, the Vets have advised amputation, which is the right decision for her.

‘Biscuit’ has also been treated for an eye infection, although the infection is now clear due to her eyelid curving into her eye, (entropic), this is causing ongoing irritation, inflammation, and infection.

‘Biscuit’ will be booked in, hopefully in December, for her amputation and entropion surgery under the same anaesthetic.

The cost will be over £1,000, we can add the estimate once we receive it from IVC which will be tomorrow 1st December.

If you could help us towards ‘Biscuits’ treatment we would be SO, SO grateful and we will, of course, let you know regularly how she is recovering and post photos & videos of this dear little girl.

‘Biscuit’ will have a much easier life once the surgeries and her recovery are completed

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