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About Us


Feline Welfare began officially in 1988 when Nikki Hazelgrove decided to turn her part-time interest in rescuing cats and kittens into a full-time mission. Since 1980 Nikki had been rescuing on a small scale, initially dogs, cats, and small animals. For over two years she fostered for a National Charity, taking in 150 cats, both feral & domestic, and in turn carrying out health checks, rehabilitation, neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, and generally preparing them for the new life ahead of them. During this time Nikki was being urged to start her own Rescue Centre as there was definitely a need for more help with the Island cat population. So in January 1988, Feline Welfare was born.

Of course, all of the cats and kittens that come into care were all checked over by a Veterinary Surgeon, and all routine checks, procedures, and treatments are carried out before the search begins for a loving new home.

To enable the Centre to run we needed much-needed funds and were very lucky to have very willing friends to take over the Fund Raising, and this has built up over the years in various ways which have enabled Feline Welfare to help between 100 – 200 cats & kittens a year, also in many different ways, including offering help to low-income families with neutered/spayed/microchipped their pets.

Nowadays, Feline Welfare not only rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes cats and kittens but also provides long-term sanctuary for over 40 cats who for one reason or another have not been possible to rehome them. We also take care of many feral cat colonies on the Island, which includes trapping/health checking/neutering/ microchipping, and general or emergency veterinary treatment is given as required. Where possible the cats are returned to the farm etc but only if they are going to be fed, given suitable shelter, and have someone to check on their general welfare and health on an ongoing basis.