Missing cat?

If your cat goes missing…

Watchful Cat

What to do if your cat goes missing

All pet owners soon get to know their animal’s natural habits. So when they don’t come home near the expected times the warning signs go up. However, sometimes there may be a simple reason your cat has not come home. Maybe they have found a new hiding place or they’ve gone further than they usually do and rain or other bad weather prevents them from making their way home.

In the meantime, you should:

  • Make a thorough search of your home and any outside space, especially behind any large furniture or appliances with gaps around them. Any and all nooks. Beware that cats can squeeze into places we wouldn’t believe they could go.
  • Write down a detailed description and find a picture(s) if you have them.
  • Ask your neighbours in all directions where you live, if they’ve seen your cat.
  • Ask people to check their garages,  sheds, and parked vans or trucks. Most will do so if asked, but few will think to look themselves.
  • Telephone all the agencies listed below.
  • Put posters/flyers around your own area, with a picture and a description of the cat they need to look out for, notifying people that he/she is missing.

Your cat needs to be able to get back into the house if he/she comes back at night or when you are away from the house. A cat flap is obviously the best way of providing access for your cat at all times, however, if it’s safe to do so, leave a window open enough for them to get in.

It is worth considering having your pet microchipped.  This the safest and most reliable way of identification, it will also help to reunite you with your furry friend.

If on the other hand, you have FOUND a cat/kittens please contact the agencies below. One of the Rescue Centres can send you a paper collar which will help trace the owner if they live in the area where the cat has been found.

The agencies you should contact are as follows:

Feline Welfare01983 521 778Anytime
Cats Protection03000 120 25111-4pm – closed Tuesdays
RSPCA Godshill01983 840 28710-4pm – closed Mondays
Nine Lives Cat Rescue01983 852 228Anytime    

All Veterinary Surgeries:

Green, Robert & Butler01983 522 822
Medina Veterinary Group01983 883 955
Pet Doctors Animal Hospital01983 522 804
Mobile Vet01983 212 999
Island Vet Care01983 214 747

Island Roads:  01983 822 440

Any animals sadly killed on the road will be collected by this company and kept for at least 14 days.

Local Newspaper

Livestock and Pets Section/ Lost and Found:

Isle of Wight County Press01983 526 741

Local Radio:

Isle of Wight Radio01983 822 557


Wightbay – ‘Cats & Kittens’ and ‘Lost and Found’ sections

If  you are resident on the mainland you will have the same contacts relevant to your area.


Lost Pets IW – You can access this site if you are registered with Facebook.

Also, on your own Facebook Page, encourage ‘friends’ to share your post, photos are always a great help in tracing your much loved pet.