Pearl City ‘Jeremy’ – ‘Jerry’ for short – is the most affectionate boy EVER. He just ADORES human contact and company.

can you buy Lyrica from canada As you can see from his photos/videos he does have considerable hair lose. It is very likely to be stress related as he has always been an indoor cat, and for some time now he has been saying ‘this really isn’t enough for me.’ There is no soreness of the skin or scratching and the Vets feel he is over grooming due to stress. He may never have a full coat – although we really hope he will once he is happily settled in a SUPER new home – so at the moment he is ‘a black cat with a difference’ and he is WONDERFUL inside xx He has the most AMAZING eyes, I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful eyes before xx

http://whaleybridgecomputershop.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/ioptimization/IOptimize.php?rchk It is with great sadness that his previous owner asked us to rehome him as he just wasnt happy living in a flat. 

‘Jeremy’ has been bullied by two cats in the past so we feel he needs to be a single pet, then once he is fully settled he can have access outside during the day via a cat flap, he can then choose his ‘friends’ outside, but his home is still safe and special to him.

This little man is 5 in November and he is definitely looking for LOVE. He will be much happier in a quiet home with adult parents, or should I say ‘human slaves.’

‘Jeremy’ is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations and he has been TRULY loved xx

If you would like to meet ‘Jeremy’ please give us a call on, 01983 521 778.

If I miss your call, please do leave a message and I will call you back ASAP. xxx

* We only rehome on the Isle of Wight *