Murphy, Ebony and Tilly

These adorable cats have waited SO long for a loving home. ‘Tilly’ came into our care in July 2012 with her other siblings and their 12-year-old Mum. ‘Tilly’ was always very timid of people she didn’t know, so was repeatedly passed by. Once we mixed her with more confident cats though she blossomed! ‘Ebony’ had been with us since 2013. She had obviously once been a pet, but sadly she was pregnant and by the time the kittens were bought to light they were feral; we still have two of them ‘Alfie’ and ‘Pippa’ now 2 and a half years old.

‘Murphy’ came with 5 other family members of different ages about 18 months ago. The rest of his ‘family’ have been in new homes for several months, but ‘Murphy’ remained.

This really is a success story, the result being 3 VERY happy furry people. HOME AT LAST. xxx