‘Bobby’ was born on a farm and that is where he spent the first 18 months of his life. He DESPERATELY wanted to go in the farmhouse but sadly this wasn’t allowed. He has moved in with us now as a permanent resident and he is a very happy boy. He runs everywhere, walking doesn’t get him around quick enough! He is ALWAYS getting into mischief, in fact it his middle name! He certainly lives life to the full making sure not to waste a moment of time!

We were asked to clear the colony of cats as the farm was being sold and would no longer be used for farming purposes. Because ‘Bobby’ was in no way feral, I decided he should come home with me. Within just a few days he was flea and worm free for the first time in his life and was soon wearing a magnificent, clean and shiny coat! He didn’t know himself!

‘Bobby’ sadly has chronic rhinitis which we are trying to get under control with the help from our Vet. We really don’t want to give up on this dear boy just because he isn’t ‘perfect.’  He is happy, playful and very active and interested in everything anyone does. He is used to freedom, and although he was very grateful for all we are doing for him, he really just wanted to get on with his life and so he now resides with Feline Welfare! xxx

Bobby 2