88262b82616a31fdaf1f68da4fc4e24f ‘Murphy’ is now settled and very happy in his lovely new home. HOME AT LAST beautiful boy ♥️

Ilesa When he was in our care he adopted two ex feral kittens – they ADORED him and he looked after them as if they had always been together xx Considering he was a very mature undoctered tom when he came to us this was AMAZING.

Hikari When the kittens found their forever home their new prospective owners SO wanted to take ‘Murphy’ as well. We were all a little cautious as we didn’t know how it would work between ‘Murphy’ and their older cat. For weeks and weeks it has worked really well but now things have started to go wrong between ‘Murphy’ and his new brother. This sadly means that ‘Murphy’ is coming back into our care so will be looking for a quiet, loving, calm home, with no other animals.

This little boys story previous story was that his owner sadly passed away and he then adopted someone close by for the following year, but one of their other cats wouldn’t allow him indoors, so he didnt move in fully. He came to us on Boxing Day last year, so after an unsettled couple of years we would just LOVE to see him happy, settled in a home to call his very own xx

‘Murphy’ will be shy initially but will grow in confidence really quite quickly in the right home.

We are taking ‘Murphy’ back once space is available, but it may also be possible to meet him in his present home.

If you feel you can offer this lovely boy a loving, safe home please do get in touch anytime on 521778. If I miss your call please do leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

*   We do only rehome on the Isle of Wight  *