Thursday, June 20, 2024
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‘Sassy’ who we believe is about 7 months old, came to us with a broken tail, which needed to be amputated, we had her spayed also at the same time. Poor ‘Sassy’ was VERY HEAVILY flea infested, hungry, frightened and under weight. She was unapproachable so a humane trap was set to bring her to safety.  She is doing really well and is gaining condition and weight now which is so lovely to see, and she is just loving all the LOVE surrounding her now. This is now the beginning of a new life little one.

‘Smokie’ turned up in someones garden very recently. She was emaciated, VERY HEAVILY flea infested, starving and VERY aneamic. ‘Smokie’ hasn’t lost her trust in humans surprisingly and she too is responding really well to all the TLC.  We will repeat her bloods in a months time with the hope that her red blood cell count is recovering.

We were called out last night to a 3 week old kitten found in someones back garden, I presume the mother was moving the kittens or she has had them outside somewhere – the couple who found her will be watching very closely for Mum and anymore kittens 😿😢 This little mite was VERY HEAVILY FLEA INFESTED – she has since been treated, we just hope this hasn’t caused any anemia.

I am loosing faith in some of the human race I really am. This will be THREE cats/kittens in 10 days who have found their way to us in APPALLING condition – ‘Sassy’ – ‘Smokie and now little ‘Mia’ – all HEAVILY flea infested and badly NEGLECTED.

Vets ARE neutering & spaying and have been since the end of last year – there is NO excuse, not anymore.

Little ‘Mia’ is taking her formula milk and hopefully will begin to wean onto more solid food in 2 to 3 weeks time, at that stage I am hoping she can be cared for in one of our foster homes.

PLEASE if you know ANYONE with unneutered cats PLEASE give them our number – 01983 521778 – ANYTIME – Isle of Wight only

THIS SUFFERING NEEDS TO END – this should not be happening to these poor innocent creatures, it is heartbreaking.