Well ‘Olive’ sits and waits and waits and waits with no offers of a home.

She deserves a life which we are desperate to find for her.

Yes she is very shy until she gets to know you, she has no vices, she is gentle, she is clean, she is healthy and she is now 13 years of age and deserves to live out her life surrounded by love, understanding, comfort and care, but it isnt happening for her 😿😢

It isnt her fault that she mistrusts people, life has that effect on many of our furry friends both large and small 😿😢😿

We would like ‘Olive’ to be homed as an indoor cat, in a house not a flat. She may in time be able to have access outside but she is easily frightened by other cats, so it would be best if she could have access into a catio directly from the house so she can enjoy outside space and still remain safe.

If you feel you have room in your heart to give ‘Olive’ the rest of her life, as the only pet, she is only a phone call away ♥️

You are more than welcome to contact me anytime on 521778 ~ if I miss your call please do leave a message with your number (if a mobile please repeat on the message)

Dear ‘Olive’ awaits your call xx♥️xx


*  We do only rehome on the Isle of Wight  *