Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Paws at Peace


Sadly we have just had to say goodbye to gorgeous ‘Amber’ 😿😒

She has been doing so well since coming into our care and her blood sugars were coming down gradually. She was spending the day at our Vets every 7- 11 days for a Glucose Curve and although her Insulin was being increased on each visit it was all working well. She LOVED her food and she was such a happy and contented little girl. Her diabetes was only diagnosed when she came into our care.

This morning all that changed dramatically. She wasnt interested in her breakfast and her breathing was beginning to become laboured. We took her to our Vets where they performed a scan. Her abdomen was full of free fluid, she vomited blood stain vomit and was put on oxygen. The result being there was a tumour somewhere inside giving no signs, indications until this morning 😿😒

Dear ‘Amber’ was laid to rest to save further suffering – we are all devastated but she couldnt be saved.

Rest Peacefully Beautiful ‘Amber’ you will always be remembered by us all.

THANK YOU Corinne for taking care of ‘Amber’ throughout for us. She had love, warmth, comfort and lots of attention – Thank You SO Much xx


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