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Newsletter Xmas 2022

Well another year soon coming to a close and it hasnt been uneventful as some of you will know.
One of our largest undertakings was the trapping and removal of 22 feral cats and kittens from a waste disposal site. There were 9 kittens and the RSPCA Animal Home at Godshill took 5 of the kittens for us,  which we very much appreciated. They homed 4 of them in domestic homes, sadly the other little boy didnt make it. The other 4 kittens also found loving homes as although timid initially they weren’t feral. We then needed outside homes for the remaining adults and older kittens which wasn’t an easy task. We approached the County Press – Island Echo – Island Observer and On The Wight asking if they would feature an Appeal For Homes and we had an AMAZING response from the Island Community, we were so thrilled to see all the interest being shown for these lovely cats. At the time of writing we still have 1 pair to find a stable, smallholding or farm home for, but I do still have people to visit so fingers crossed.
We also did a Fund Raising Appeal to help finance this Colony, as all were health checked, neutered/spayed and microchipped, and of course we needed food and cat litter while in our care – the appeal raised £1,600 which was an AMAZING help as you can imagine.
Another challenge we had was little ‘Sparkle.’ She had a long standing severe and debilitating ear infection, which wasn’t responding to treatment. She needed a CT Scan to diagnose the exact problem, and then we moved onto the very specialised surgery she needed. ‘Sparkle’ had her ear canal and bulla removed (the bowl shaped lower part of the ear canal) The infection was so severe that it had caused irreparable damage and narrowing of the ear canal so surgery was the only option left open to her.
Sara at Pet Doctors carried out the surgery which we are SO, SO grateful for – Sara is an INCREDIBLE Surgeon and the operation was AMAZING. ‘Sparkles’ recovery was truly magical, she is such a brave and joyous little girl she really is. ‘Sparkles’ is still having check ups at the Vets but hopefully she can have her Elizabethan Collar (cone) off soon. Her hearing will be impaired now as only has one functional ear, so when she is ready to start her new life she will need a calm, loving home in a very safe area.
At the end of the Summer we were asked to take a longterm stray, who had been padding the streets for far too long. He was undoctered and not microchipped needless to say. Kind people had been feeding him and had provided shelter for him, but with another winter on it’s way it wasnt enough, they wanted so much more for him. Well ‘Robbie’ is now in a SUPER home. He is great company for his new Mum, sits on her lap at every opportunity, and is always close to her, in a chair or on the floor in front of the fire, comfort he hadn’t felt for a very long time, if ever. This is such a wonderful ending to a very sad life that he lead before. HOME AT LAST ‘Robbie’
‘Spex’ was with us for a very long time and where he wasn’t always very brave he would get overlooked. Then it happened many months later. The ideal couple contacted us and wanted to come along and meet him, and although he didn’t come to them he didnt run away from them either– they were smitten. They had a timid cat previously but they could see through ‘Spex’ hesitation and SO wanted to be given the chance to adopt him.  When ‘Spex’ moved in with his new Mum and Dad he was actually sitting with them in less than 48 hours and he hasn’t looked back since which is amazing.
Another very happy ending to a sad start, as he was left behind when his original owner moved house, undoctered and roaming, but now, well WOW, at last a very happy and contented boy.
‘Bumble’ came to us when her Dad unexpectedly passed away. She had been a flat cat and really hadn’t met many people, so she was very timid. Jan Kelly fostered ‘Bumble’ for us and worked her magic. She was still wary of people she didnt know, but with Jan and John’s love and perseverance she began to blossom. She was only about 5 months old when she came into our care, so wasnt spayed etc.
After many months a lovely couple came forward for her. They weren’t worried about her being timid and felt they could give her her life back. We were all expecting her to take a while to settle when she moved in with her new Mum and Dad, but apart from the very first day she just came out of her shell more and more, the more attention she got the better !! Now fully settled and one very happy little girl xx
‘Molly’ is 12 years old and has a hind leg amputation. Her Mum sadly needed to go into care and it didnt work well when ‘Molly’ joined her at the Care Home.
We were asked to take this ‘Molly’ for rehoming, she has such a lovely temperament and really just wanted a quiet life with no complications. It wasn’t very long before someone came forward to offer ‘Molly’ ‘A Foster Home For Life’ She took over the house as soon as her velvet paws stepped out of our carrier, and she hasn’t looked back since. As you can imagine having 3 legs doesn’t effect her, and she gets to the top of the stairs in a flash!!
‘Chester’ came in as an undoctered tom. He was very underweight, heavily flea/worm infested, very hungry and dehydrated. He had a collar on that had become trapped under his fore leg which had resulted in a very nasty gangrenous wound. I do SO hate collars on cats, I think alot of owners do it for ‘appearances’ but so many accidents happen as a result, some leading to death or fatal injury He was taken straight to the Vets and was put in IV Fluids – he came to us on day two. He was on antibiotics and pain relief and I flushed his wound with saline 4 times a day, and slowly but surely his nasty wound began to heal. It took several weeks, and he was such a patient boy, I think he knew we were trying to make it better for him, and am sure it was soothing as well. ‘Chester’ doubled his body weight over the next few weeks, we then had him neutered etc.
His day soon came when his now new Mum and Dad arranged to come and meet him, and very shortly after that he moved into his lovely new home.
‘Chester’ had food anxiety, due to lack of food while he was straying but once he was in his new home that began to ease, until it was no longer a problem. A HOME TO CALL YOUR VERY OWN AT LAST ‘Chester’
‘Olive’ was with us almost a year. She was afraid of her own shadow and found trusting really hard to grasp. She accepted me and our regular Cat Cuddlers but still reacted with fear when she met new people. I was unable to keep her because she was also very afraid of other cats, so we had to continue to try and find her ideal person. Eventually life took a happy turn and little ‘Olive’ was chosen She still isnt very brave but she is relaxed with her Mum which is really the only thing that matters. Bless You ‘Olive’
‘Smokie’ is with us at the moment and will be ready for adoption in the New Year. He had been a stray for a very long time, relying on people in the area for food and water, but no one was in a position to take him in as had their own pets, and they didn’t like this gentle boy. Because he has been living on the streets it has effected his confidence, but like ‘Spex’ – ‘Olive’ – ‘Bumble’ and so many others like them, they just need that right person with love, and patience to ease through their fear so they can start living again and know they will never want for anything ever again – this is what ‘Smokie’ is looking for now. He will make someone a lovely pet, and needs to be the only pet in a calm and loving home that he can call his own.
‘Smokie’ was microchipped but it was registered to a different part of the Island and the contact details were all out of date. This happens very frequently I am afraid.
‘Butch’ will also be looking for a caring and safe home in the New Year. He has been health checked, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, but unlike ‘Smokie’ he is SO relaxed, LOVES LOVE and likes nothing better than to sit on your lap, purring at every opportunity. He is 4 years young and cant wait to start his new life in a loving home with his very own human slaves.
‘Holly’ was left in my doorstep in a carrier. She had lost at least half if her coat, her skin was covered in scabs, both ears were infected, she was really hungry and had sores inside her top lip. We obviously took her to our Vet who treated her with antibiotics, steroids and ear drops. We have now had her tested for feline leukaemia and FIV, which thankfully were negative and she has now been spayed/microchipped and will begin her vaccinations very soon. Her estimated age is 4-5 years old, maybe younger. ‘Holly’ is a friendly little girl and she too will be looking for LOVE in a new home in the New Year.
‘Ivy’ came to us as a stray and she wasn’t microchipped so unable to trace her owner on admission, and she hasnt as yet been reported as missing. We think she may have been straying for a while.  ‘Ivy’ has now been tested for feline leukeamia and FIV and has been microchipped and vaccinated, so if an owner hasnt come forward by the New Year she will be looking for a loving home as a single pet – she appears to HATE other cats !!!
‘Ivy’ is very young, probably about a year old or just over.
A HUGE THANK YOU to all our lovely ADOPTERS ~ you have made our very sad  furry ‘tales’ into VERY happy ‘tails’ ~ they now live in the lap of luxury and thanks to you will never want for anything EVER again ♥️
So just some idea what we have been up to since our Summer Newsletter. It has been pretty  constant as always and we are very grateful for all the help that the IOW RSPCA Animal Home at Godshill have given us as they have enabled us to rescue many more cats and kittens by offering to take them into their care for rehoming.
Our work would not be possible without the TREMENDOUS support you give us. Our expenses are ongoing and some of the cats we take in do cost alot of money when they need extensive Veterinary treatment and surgery. Plus their food, which sometimes has to be more specialised Veterinary Diets and of course a constant supply of cat litter !!!! Some of what goes in must come out !!!!
We are VERY, VERY grateful to Johnny and Rob Keywood at ACE WASTE who collect our used cat litter once or twice a week FREE of charge. Johnny has been doing this for us for 7 years or more now, which is SO GREATLY appreciated it really is.
Al has yet again been carrying out all our computer work eg forms, posters, website etc. We no longer do printed Newsletters but use the Internet for this now, we can always print these off though and send through the post if people do not have Internet access. Al is also very good when I need advice about virtually anything !!! And I do several times a year !!
We have several very kind fostercarers :
Jane Cresdee and Colin Midmore are a massive help not just with fostering, including groups of ferals, but they are also our STAR trappers. They are out there at all hours, all weathers and any conditions. When trapping feral cats and kittens we are either up to our ankles in mud or with the last colony it was far less pleasant!! Trapping and surveillance with wildlife cameras is time consuming and some days you don’t get results, but that doesn’t deter Jane and Colin!! They also take on other tasks too – scanning stray/found cats and helping with Vet trips etc etc.
Jan Kelly has continual foster cats for us in her and her husband home. They work very hard to bring the timid cats round and always succeed. Jan also does all the trips to the Vets with the foster cats for neutering, treatment, vaccinations etc. At present they are fostering ‘Mia’ 16 months old and now ‘Ivy’ who came to us recently as a stray. Jan is also a retired Vet which has huge advantages as you can imagine.
Netty now has a permanent foster cat for us – ‘Ellie’ – she was born virtually wild and didnt have a life until she started to adopt a near neighbour. They sadly moved a few months ago though and were unable to take ‘Ellie’ with them. This is the first time this little girl has lived indoors but she seems to approve! Maybe by the summer she will be confident enough to go outside – time will tell. Netty has been fostering for us for several years now and she just adores every single one x
Alice has been fostering for us for a few years now as well. Alice is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and she has two adult girls at present. They hadn’t been spayed, vaccinated or microchipped but we have managed to get them in before Christmas for their surgery and microchipping. They will be ready for a new home together in the New Year. The cats Alice fosters have the run of her flat as she doesn’t have any pets of her own, which is so nice for them. She also does all the Vet trips with the cats she fosters.
Corinne Perks fosters for us and has done for many years now. Her spare bedroom is the Cat Nursery!! It is not very often that the Nursery is empty! Corinne also helps me here with the cats especially if, as this year, I had knee surgery so needed assistance for a while with the 20+ cats and rabbits (2)
She will also come out with me when we have traps set and they need checking evenings and late at night. ‘Jack of all Trades’ is Corinne!
Jenny Young more often than not has one or two foster cats for us, and she somehow juggles that with working full time as well. More often than not Jenny wants to keep the fosters, and over the years it has happened, but the decision always has to be made by her own cats and of course the foster cat!! ‘Cats Rule’ and don’t we know it !! Jenny is also a Trustee for Feline Welfare and always gets involved with helping to raise much needed funds.
We have very recently added Michelle to our list of foster carers. At present her and her husband are looking after ‘Smokie’ for us. He has the run of their home as they too don’t have any pets of their own. He is settling well with them but where he has been a longterm stray he has lost his confidence, but they are trying to turn his life round so he can learn to trust once again.
We are SO grateful for our Cat Cuddlers who help us to socialise our cats and kittens, and give their spare time freely to help both us and our furry friends. The permanent residents also make the most of their visits too.
I would like to THANK Doreen Moore ~ Helen Farrington ~ Susy Bainbridge and Jenny Lennon ~ the time you so willingly offer us is priceless.
Liz and Doug Wills and Vanessa Brown work tirelessly throughout the year to raise much needed funds for the cats in our care.
We couldn’t fund raise during Covid so we had to turn to Facebook Fund Raising which thankfully kept us afloat, but now we can once again hold at least our Christmas Fayre and Liz, Doug and Vanessa can attend Car Boot Sales again for us again. They all work really hard in the background but they do a TREMENDOUS job and REALLY help us to keep going with our Rescue work.
Our team in the kitchen at our Fayres also do an AMAZING job and are always very keen to help us and Rosemary at Nine Lives Cat Rescue.
We really struggled during the Covid period but this year has become easier when it comes to getting our animals the treatment, checks and surgery they need.
Nick Cosmi and Alessandra Fasciani at Ryde Pet Doctors have been FANTASTIC and they have enabled us to get so much more done for our cats and kittens, both domestic and feral. They will always go the extra mile for our rescues which we are SO, SO grateful for.
The Carisbrooke Vets and Island VetCare have also helped us a great deal for which we are VERY grateful for. Whether it be a rescue cat, an owned cat where the owner needs help or our feral friends. Thank You So Much.
THANK YOU to all the Vets, Nurses, Receptionists who all play a part in helping us, whether it be routine treatments/surgery or an emergency situation – you are always there for our animals who are in need.
There are SO many people who help in SO many ways. Those who donate financially and who donate goodies for us to sell and make cakes for our Fayres. All the help we get on the day at the Fayres, all given willingly.
Moral support is also greatly valued as rescuing can be tough at times, and we all need a virtual hug at times, so we can then go onto the next one who needs us.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all your support and remember Feline Welfare is all of us because you all play a part and make everything we do possible.
May 2023 be a better year for all animals both wild and domestic, and may we see less neglect, it would be WONDERFUL to see no suffering – if only ……
With Love to you all and may Christmas be peaceful and happy for you all – especially in these rather difficult times.