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Please Can You Help ‘Roo’ ❤️

We had a call Wednesday (19th April 2023) from ‘Roo’s’ owner who said he had been admitted to their Vet as he was unwell which lead to him losing his appetite, vomiting, and being very subdued.

They had been quoted £2,000 for investigations and possible surgery. Understandably they did not have this sort of money and were in a very distressed state when calling us.

We asked the Veterinary Practice to transfer ‘Roo’s notes so far to our Charity. This was done and the investigations then continued. At this stage, we started a Facebook Fund Raiser.

There was something blocking his intestine, it was the impaction of faeces, but was there a foreign body there as well? He received the treatment to clear the faeces and he went home on Thursday evening 20th April.

Friday was a very long day. Trying to encourage him to eat and encouraging him to relax and settle. He began to get progressively worse so at midnight had to be re-admitted.

More X-rays and a scan were showing an obstruction so pain relief and IV fluids were carried out before having major surgery. There was a foreign body in the colon that was causing the blockage. He had swallowed a plastic top which was causing all the problems, similar to a small button.

He went home this morning to his family (23rd April) and is now doing well, although there will need to be a lot of healing before he is back to his normal self.

The estimate we have been given for all of ‘Roo’s’ treatment, investigations, and surgery, is £2,200 and we are trying very hard to raise this amount.

If you feel you can help us by perhaps making a donation, however small, to either our PayPal account or on our Facebook Fund Raiser that would be AMAZING and VERY greatly appreciated.

We are so relieved ‘Roo’ is now on the road to recovery we really are.