Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Homes urgently needed for:
Happy Tails


‘Maisie’ is now a permanent resident with us. She is settling well with our other cats, so her long wait for her forever home is now over 😺


‘Maisie’ had always been very timid but she interacted well with her ‘Dad’ so it was a great loss when he never returned home from the Hospital 😿🥲

‘Maisie’ needs a very specialist home as she takes a while to trust people she doesn’t know, and has always lived in a quiet environment.
She is suffering hair loss at present due to over grooming, but this seems to be stress related as she had a full coat when we first took her in 😿 She took loosing her home and her ‘Dad’ very much to heart 😿

‘Maisie’ needs a quiet, calm, patient, adult only home with someone home alot of the time ideally.

This little girl is such a gentle little soul, she purrs loudly when she is being smoothed and we feel in the right home she will settle well and be SO happy with a new human slave xx❤️xx

If you feel you could offer ‘Maisie’ what she so dearly deserves you are very welcome to contact me anytime on 521778 /07423 050 662 ~ please do leave a message with your phone number if I miss your call.