‘Fluffy’ was originally a stray. We believe her owner may have moved and left her behind. We covered the entire area knocking on every door to no avail. Our concern also was that she needed Veterinary treatment. We did find though that someone had taken her in. This arrangement sadly didn’t work out as they were unable to keep and provide for her on the long term so this is where we came in.

‘Fluffy’, as you can see, has had both ears removed due to skin cancer. One ear was so extreme it was a wonder that the cancer hadn’t spread to the surrounding skin. She made a very rapid and complete recovery and she hasn’t looked back since Bless Her. xxx

‘Fluffy’ is now very happily settled with Corinne. She has settled well with the other cats, mostly elderly, but she does like to think she is in charge! She now has a very comfortable and loving home where she can get on with her life. She will never be neglected ever again; in fact, all her needs will be met instantly! Enjoy your life of luxury little one… or in her case not so little!


Fluffy 2