‘Mitsie’ came to us needing treatment for a skin irritation but we feel it was probably stress-related, as once she had been with us for a few weeks her sores healed and she hasn’t looked back since!

‘Mitsie’, now renamed ‘Mia’ is SO, SO happy now in her new home. She now has a canine brother who she ADORES! When she first saw him it was through the window when he was out in the garden and when she met him face to face she rubbed round his legs instantly, it really was a love affair! Her new brother is very used to sharing his life, and his bed, with a feline friend, so I can safely say the whole family are so happy to have this little girl as part of their lives now.

‘Mia’ was an indoor cat prior to coming to us but she now has a lovely safe garden to spend as much time as she chooses and a dog flap which she shares quite happily with her ‘brother!’

Home At Last Little One. xxx

Mitsie 3

Mitsie 2