Tabitha>dsc0114/ ‘Tabitha’ is looking for a loving, quiet home with someone who can offer her lots of companionship, so possibly someone retired/semi retired. Her previous owner was elderly and she was her constant companion. We are looking for a ‘Foster For Life’ so if you would like to go to our ‘Rehoming Page’ you will see how this works ♥️

neurontin 100mg This little girl is 15 years young, although she looks alot younger. She was actually born in Malta but has spent the vast majority of her life on the Isle of Wight. ‘Tabitha’s’ ‘Mum’ is now not coming home, she is unwell so is staying with her family in Malta. We were asked if we could help and thanks to Julie & Rob, our foster carers, we were able to say YES ❤

We are now looking for a Foster Home where ‘Tabitha’ can live out her natural life surrounded by LOVE and with someone who will ADORE her. She has always been an indoor cat and if this was to be the case again she would need a reasonable sized house, not a flat, as she has been a accustomed to having plenty of space. She ‘may’ be able to have limited access into a garden but only if it was really safe for her.

‘Tabitha’ has always been an only pet, so it is probably too late in her life to try and mix her now.

If you feel you can offer a quiet, calm, safe home to this dear little soul you are very welcome to call anytime on 521778 – we can then explain how our Fostering Arrangemets work for both you, our furry people and us as a Charity. If I miss your call please do leave a message with your phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

*  We do only rehome on the Isle of Wight  *


More photos/videos very soon x