‘Mia’ and ‘Dodger’

http://celticgreenenergy.co.uk/heat-pumps-4/ ‘Mia’ and ‘Dodger’ have a LOVELY NEW HOME TO GO TO very soon.

http://simplecommunion.com/2018/07/she-sat/ These gorgeous kittens were found when just 3 weeks old. Thankfully we eventually tracked down the mother and she too is looking for a home.

http://normanfowlerconman.co.uk/tag/arrested/ These little ones needed hand rearing for the first week but soon started to learnt to lap.

‘Mia’ and ‘Dodger’ will be health checked by our Vets, although have already been seen in the past week 8/10 by our Vet. We will be starting their vaccination course when they are 9 weeks of age so can then go to a new home when they are 10 weeks. We pay for the primary course of vaccinations (2) and we also get them spayed/neutered/microchipped when they are 16 weeks of age.

Our Adoption Donation to include all the above is £95 per kitten.

If you would like to call us on 521778 if you feel you would like to adopt these gorgeous kittens. We do want them to go to a home together. The start of their life was traumatic enough and we dont want to split them up now.