http://interform-uk.com/about-vacuum-forming/high-quality-vacuum-forming/ ‘Sassy’ we believe is about 7-8 months old. She came into our care from a holiday Camp on the Island. Did her owners bring her on holiday with them, and she went missing ? How did she get to the camp if not taken there by the owner ? Was she just abandoned ? Who knows …..

Kota Bharu ‘Sassy’ was very heavily flea infested, starving, very underweight and she also had an open injury to her tail, and the tail was broken so needed to be amputated.

internationally This dear little girl has done so well, her tail stump is healing well and she has now put on weight, and is obviously flea/worm free ♥️

We will be looking for a loving home very soon for little ‘Sassy’ – she may be happy to go where there is another cat, but will obviously need to have a gentle temperament and ideally used to living with another cat.

‘Sassy’ has tested negative for feline leukeamia and feline AIDS and she will be fully vaccinated & microchipped before leaving our care.

You are very welcome to call us anytime on 521778 – if I miss your call please do leave a message and I will call you back.

You can meet ‘Sassy’ at our foster home in Sandown, and we do like you to spend quality time with our rescue cats so you can see their true characters.

* We do only rehome on the Isle of Wight *