Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Paws at Peace


When ‘Precious’ came into our care she was badly neglected. We were called by someone in the area who was SO concerned about her and were putting food and water down outside for her – it was during the summer when we were experiencing record high temperatures.

‘Precious’ weighed less than 2kg and bordering on emaciated. Every bone could be felt and she was starving and flea/worm infested. She responded well to all the love bestowed on her, she was being fed 5 times a day and she began to put on weight.

We thought she may be pregnant but we had to build her up before being spayed. She wasn’t pregnant but when she was spayed the lining of her abdomen didn’t appear normal. She had a great recovery from her surgery and continued to gain weight, she was a very happy and loving little girl ❤️

After a few weeks we felt it was best to get her checked again at the Vets, even though she was doing well.

We took her to The Peoples Vet on the Isle of Wight for an FIP test, before we actively offered her for homing. The result came back negative. We again had her examined. Our Vet still wasn’t happy with the feel of her abdomen so we booked her in the following week for an Xray and if needed, a scan and blood tests.

The devastating result of this was that there was now pus filling the abdomen and a tumour was detected ~ so this was VERY likely to be FIP – feline infectious peritonitis – a very nasty disease in cats which in the later stages is fatal with no hope of treatment being successful 😿

We pray ‘Precious’ wasn’t yet feeling the effects of this, but it wouldn’t have been long before she did.

Our Dear ‘Precious’ wasnt brought round from her sedation and our Vet gently let her go to sleep with his usual tender loving care 💔

Everyone who knew this precious little girl is now grieving for her.

💔 Rest Peacefully ‘Precious’ ~ you have left this life knowing what true love really is 💔