Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Paws at Peace


‘Beauty’ came to us having been used as a breeding machine. Living outside, flea/worm infested and desperate for love.

She did well initially, was very, very hungry, she had never seen so much food, but very quickly became accustomed to regular meals and LOVED to be in and cared for.

We think she was probably 10-12 in years and still producing kittens 😿

We had her health checked and spayed to draw a line under her previous lifestyle. ‘Beauty’ recovered really well and healed very quickly.

Sadly she became unwell and she passed away. It all happened during the night but she passed while our Vet was on his way to see her. It may well have been her heart but it was all so sudden 💔

We are just so relieved she didn’t end her life on the streets with no one with her. She didn’t deserve the life she had been forced to live, instead she left us knowing what true love and comfort were 💔