Friday, December 8, 2023
Homes urgently needed for:
Happy Tails


‘Tumble’ now ‘Ginny’ is now in her SUPER new home ❤️

‘Tumble’ was born on a farm in a Colony of 25 cats and kittens. The remaining 11 cats/ kittens are now all neutered and spayed.






• Cats can easily live until they are 18 years old, sometimes longer, can you be there for them for 18 years or more ?

• It is always best to insure your furry friend so you can safeguarded their future. Veterinary Fees can be quite extensive and this gives you peace of mind throughout your pets life.

• Are you living in a safe, cat friendly area away from busy roads ?

• Are you at home for a good proportion of the day as they need company and not be left for lengthy periods. They also need regular meals.

• When the kittens are between 5-6 months of age and are fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped they will need cat flap access during the day, but be kept in overnight for their own safety.

• If you are in a rented property do you have a secure tenancy and written permission to have pets ? Also permission to install access for your pet ?

• Are you able to register with a Veterinary Practice ? Some of the practices on the Island do have waiting lists so it is best to register before taking your new furry friend.

• We are happy to advise you at anytime on 521778

*We only rehome on the IOW*