Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Paws at Peace


‘Trixie’ was in a very bad condition when she came into our care. She was starving, underweight, dirty and flea/worm infested, and her teeth and gums were appalling with extreme inflammation 😿

We had her health checked by our Vet and she was tested for feline leukeamia and FIV, she also had general bloods done prior to having a dental.

‘Trixie’ was doing really well and became a happy little soul ~ she was never claimed.

After a few weeks she became unwell, we obviously took her to our Vet who couldn’t find anything specific. He gave her an antibiotic injection and a steroid injection, but felt she was quite unwell, sadly we lost her that same night  😿

Thankfully she was no longer out on the streets but in the warm being truly loved. We believe she was an older cat but this still came as a huge shock. Poor little girl ~ gone from this life but will always be remembered by those you have left behind 💔

Sleep Peacefully Little One 💔