Friday, December 8, 2023
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Adopt a Cat


‘Teddy’ is now in a lovely new home and is settling in well xx


We were called out by a dear elderly lady, so we went straight out to scan her visitor.

He had been at this address for just under a year Pat had to move out of her home as her kitchen floor collapsed 🥲 When she returned what was thought to be a fox turned out in daylight to be a certain ginger gentleman.

He has been called ‘Ted’ or ‘Teddy’ for so long now that he responds to that now, so be it xx

‘Teddy’ is now in the warm, has been treated for fleas & worms and no longer out in the elements.


If you would like to come along and meet ‘Teddy’ you are welcome to call anytime on 521778 / 07423 060 662~ if I miss your call please do leave a message with your phone number