‘Ben’ was loved by all who knew him. Anyone coming to the house came specifically to see him, or so he thought! He had a MASSIVE character, he loved everyone instantly and he also adored all his furry friends, yes the rabbits too!

He came to us with an older cat when their Mum was taken into Hospital; she was 102 bless her. This dear lady ADORED her cats, in fact, they were her constant companions. We went to her house the very next day and bought them to ‘Bo-Jangles’ so we could take care of them. Sadly their owner passed away a few weeks later, but at least she was comforted by knowing we were taking care of her very special furry friends.

We decided ‘Ben’ should stay permanently with us as he had a bowel condition that needed regular medication, so he instantly took over the role of ‘butler’ and enjoyed his position until just a few days before his passing.

‘Ben’ you were a very special little man and you will always have a special place in many, many hearts.

Rest In Peace Little One Until We Meet Again. xxx

Ben 2