‘Daisy’ was a gentle little character and very easy to love, we feel privileged to have been able to care for her in her last few months. We had hoped to have her with us for a while yet but it wasn’t to be. Her ‘Dad’ passed away while in Hospital back in June, and her ‘Mum’ sadly is in permanent Nursing Home care so unable to have had ‘Thomas’ and ‘Daisy’ with her – all very sad. ‘Thomas’ was 20 years old but we lost him with renal failure shortly after taking them both into our care. ‘Daisy’ deteriorated very, very quickly, but the effect of the heart failure meant we had to let her go to save suffering. it was a shock for all who knew her – such a dear, dear little girl in every respect.

REST IN PEACE  ‘Daisy May’ you have left your paw prints in our hearts. xxx


Daisy 1

Daisy 2